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Welcome to

Unique, Handmade, One-of-a-Kind
Wire Art Jewelry

Ammolite, Dichroic Glass, Cameos,
Tiffany Stone and other Designer Cabochons,
Paua Pieces, Abalone Shell, & Blister Pearls

Paua ShellAbalone ShellBlister Pearl

The jewelry on this site is handcrafted by myself, using wire
art jewelry techniques. Half the fun of making jewelry is picking
out the stones. I like to buy from independent lapidary artists and
I tend to be drawn to rare and unusual stones, including ammolite,
eudialyte, tiffany stone, and larimar.

I create my settings from precious metal wire. I am happy to work
in solid gold wire and/or silver wire, but most of my pieces are
done with 14K/20 gold filled wire. 14K/20 gold filled wire is
basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center
for flexibility. It’s a pleasure to work with and it is a great
value, delivering the benefits of gold at a price close to that
of fine silver.

Please note that I am a "one-woman show". I try to check email &
orders often, but when I am away from home, there is no one else
here to do it. When there is a message at the top of the site
saying I am gone, you can still place orders, they just will not
be shipped (or charged to your credit card) until I return.

Enjoy Browsing!

Sue Espy

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Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1009
Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1009
Turquoise Pendant / Slide - PND-0941
Turquoise Pendant / Slide - PND-0941
Sodalite Pendant / Slide - PND-0925
Sodalite Pendant / Slide - PND-0925
Art Glass Pendant - PND-0776
Art Glass Pendant - PND-0776
Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1006
Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1006
Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1027
Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1027
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